”Russia’s Regional Development Ministry plans to spend $63 billion by 2020 on a strategic program to develop the Arctic”

Russia’s Regional Development Ministry plans to spend 2 trillion rubles ($63 billion) by 2020 on a strategic program to develop the Arctic, it announced Friday.

Regional Development Minister Igor Slyunyayev said the draft program for economic and social projects in the Arctic could be submitted to the cabinet by November 1. The government expects that more than half the costs, or 1 trillion rubles ($31 billion), will be met by major Russian companies, he said.”

See all news: http://arctic.ru/news/2013/10/russia-spend-63-bln-arctic-development-program //



High level Regional Development and foresight expertice in Finland: RD Aluekehitys Oy / Dr. Yrjö Myllylä with partners

In Finland is high level Regional Development expert RD Aluekehitys Oy / Regional Develelopment Ltd research and development company (www.rdaluekehitys.net or http://www.rdmarketinfo.net) which has about 20 years experience of Delphi and Futures studies applications in Norht Europe and also in North-West Russia and arctic region. It is very obvious that this company and its entrepreneur  Senior Researcher Dr. Yrjö Myllylä has done more Delphi applications for regional development than anybody else in the Finland or world.  His developed so called TKTT regional foresight practice with regional authorities in Finland   has been evaluated for the best practice in European Union by  European Unions Comission (UN ILO Training center evaluated EU’s 27 countries practicies 2010 for EU Comission).

Myllylä and RD Aluekehitys has many high level partner for co-operation in Universities and other. For Example Kari Synberg, Finland’s Murmansk former consul who has lived in Russia many years and done his Ph. D. thesis from Russia like Myllylä. He is also Member of the Board  Geographical Society of Finland. Myllylä is work member of this Society. Myllylä is also member of Finnish Futures Studies Association. There is also partner in Russia to help to do application, for example high level expert professor Oleg Andreev.

For example you can find reference articles from follow one links to plan co-operation and as tender:

The newest (23.10.2013) article utilizing large RD Aluekehitys’s ”Arctic Maritime Technology Foresight” project  2011-2013 is in link. We can be effective link and futures maker in maritime questions if there is possible to work inside of suitable project:

“Finland plays a key role in developing Arctic marine technology” – EnergyEnviro 23.10.2013

Some selected articles from links above

  1. Myllylä, Yrjö & Oleg Andreev & Vesa Rautio (2013): Development of the North-West Russia – Industrial, Social and Logistical Developments in Murmansk Oblast Evaluated by Delphi method

  2. RD publication to promote exports: Industrial, Logistic and Social Future of the Murmansk Region until 2025


  4. The growth area of the Arctic and Baltic Sea in the focus of Finland’s interests

  5. “The North-East Passage is already a fact”

  6. III International Arctic Forum “The Arctic – Territory of Dialogue” 24-25 September, Salehard, Russia

  7. “The Murmansk region’s growing importance in the energy economy and logistics creates opportunities also for Finnish companies”

  8. “The Development of Murmansk Region in the light of three scenarios”

  9. Russia’s geopolitical focus has moved to the North – The Development of Murmansk Region in the light of three scenarios

  10. The future of Murmansk Oblast assessed by three Delphi panels


  1. “China Tekway Oy Ltd is a client-oriented consulting and engineering company specializing in technology project management and business process services in China and Asia”
  2. “Arctic Logistics” III International Conference in Murmansk 9.4.2013
  3. High-level Arctic expert Professor Pauli Jumppanen write in EnergyEnviro Arctic opportunities and challenges
  4. “The Story of Icebrakers”, a topical new book
  5. Arctech Helsinki Shipyard: Arctech to Build a 16 MW Icebreaker for the Russian Ministry of Transport

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